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Whiteboard Tips and Tricks (June 27, 2012) by BOARDLINE(BoardLine) Office Supplies Inc.

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Before using your whiteboard clean well with whiteboard cleaner

•  Clean the whiteboard surface regularly. This will remove dry-erase ink residue, dirt and grease. How often the whiteboard should be cleaned is dependant upon how often it is used. Ideally, the whiteboard should be cleaned every time the board is used.

•  Erase all information written on the board as soon as possible. This will avoid the dry-erase marker ghosting the whiteboard surface.

•  Avoid using permanent markers on the whiteboard surface. If permanent marker is used, go over the writing with a dry-erase whiteboard marker to loosen the ink. Follow with whiteboard cleaner.

•  Never use any form of abrasive cleaning compound.

•  Always use quality dry-erase whiteboard markers. Old, dry markers may stain the whiteboard surface.

•  Change or clean erasers regularly.

•  Always ensure the pen tray is clean andf free from dust.

•  Avoid hand contact with the whiteboard surface this can leave body greases on the surface.

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