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Whiteboards, Dry Erase Boards, Magnetic Whiteboard, Glass Whiteboard, Cork Board, Bulletin Board, Pin Board, Chalk Board, Fabric Board, Felt Board, Dry Wipe Board, Glass Board, Notice Boards, Natural Corkboard, Aluminum Frame Whiteboard, Wood Frame, PS Frame, Combination Boards, MDF Frame and Plastic Frame Board, Enamel Whiteboard, Green Board, Planning Board, Kids Child Board, Folding Board, Drawing Board, Markboard, Tack Board, Multi-function Board, Aluminum and Wood Frame Stand, magnetic porcelain enamel steel markerboard, Flip Chart
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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Description of Goods

All specifications, drawings, illustrations, particulars of weight and dimensions issued by the Company are approximate only and do not form part of any terms, conditions or warranties of any contract entered into by the Company.  The Company may vary such specifications, drawings, illustrations, particulars of weight and dimensions at any time and for whatever reason, without having to give a reason or explanation.

Catalogues, Prices etc.

Catalogues, brochures and price lists and all other advertising matter are only an indication of the type of goods offered by the Company they shall not constitute a sale by description.  All prices therein are intended to be correct at the date of publication but are subject to increase, alteration or withdrawal without notice. ALL OUR PRICES EXCLUDE VAT. VAT is effective at current rates and subject to change by government. The company reserves the right to pass on the customer any VAT increase.

Our advantage

* Large amount production, price is competitive.
* Strong work team and professional technical staff, make the excellent quality products.
* Strictly quality inspection control, guarantee the quality in detailed aspects.
* The whiteboard edge is easily damaged in the long and tough transportation.We have unique and totally safe packing way, proctect the goods intact in the tough transportation. The goods have been proved totally safe in the transactions. This is also one important point lead us to win clients' high satisfaction.
* Owning rich experience for whiteboard export, especially export to Europe. The quality can meet EU standard. We can meet the customers' special requirements maximumly.

following services

"Sell high-quality products with reasonable prices" is our tenet. we offer following services:
Quotation Service within 24 Hours in weekday
Samples Available
Provide possible advices
OEM & ODM service
Different items and sizes for selections
Dedicated Tracing for Whole Production Process
Fast delivery
Quality guarantee
Your agent in China: We always hope to build close and solid relations with our customers. A reriable agent will save a lot of time and cost for you.
As a company our Motto remains the same: YES,WE CAN!


All quotations made are applicable only to quantities specified and are valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.  The Company reserves the right to increase its price to take account of variations in labour, material or other costs between the date of quotation and the last date of delivery of the goods.


a.             Verbal orders must be confirmed in writing within 24 hours.

b.             If the Customer cancels any order before its completion he shall immediately thereupon become liable to pay to the Company a sum equal to the cost of the labour, materials and overheads expended in the execution of the said order up to and including the date of the receipt of such cancellation plus the amount of the profit which the Company would have made but for such cancellation.

c.             All orders placed either online or via phone, email or fax will be subject to a final acceptance by the company.


All warranties and conditions are hereby excluded as well as all warranties and conditions made orally or in writing by whosoever given which vary or are contrary to or in addition to the above terms of business except those (if any) provided for by the note to Clause 2 hereof. This condition does not affect your statutory rights and any warranties or conditions implied by law if you are dealing with us as a consumer.


The contract shall be governed by English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Basic Information

Address:JiangJia Village, Shenzhen Town, Ninghai City, Zhejiang Province, China
Contact Person:Mr. Kelvin
Fax: +86-574-65230879
Mobile Phone:+86-18658466868, info@china-whiteboard.

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