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How to Pick A Whiteboard (May 31, 2010) by Haotian(BoardLine) Office Supplies Inc.

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This is a guide in helping people select the right whiteboard and the differences between whiteboards.

Step 1. Whiteboards can be seen everywhere there used to be chalkboards; schools, houses of worship, legions, businesses, conference rooms, etc. The whiteboard has rapidly replaced the chalkboard due to the health and environment hazards of chalk dust caused from using a chalkboard. Selecting the right whiteboard can be tricky; there are many styles, shapes, and types. Fret not, there is a whiteboard for every need and budget.

Step 2. The two main differences in a whiteboard is the whiteboard's material-the surface of the board and what it is made of. Whiteboards are made up of one of two materials: melamine or porcelain.

Step 3. Melamine whiteboards are the most cost efficient whiteboard material and generally the more affordable whiteboard. A caveat to selecting a melamine whiteboard is that melamine surfaced whiteboards are for light to moderate use such as use in gyms (locker rooms), cafeterias, calendars, homes and meeting rooms. Melamine features a surface of hardened plastic with clear coating making it easy to write on and erase, but over time the surface will wear causing a "ghosting" effect which even though you erase you will be able to see some light residual markings. Thus making melamine boards a great choice for light to moderate use.

Step 4. Porcelain whiteboards are slightly pricier than melamine, but are for moderate to high usage and are for long term use. Porcelain whiteboards would be best in a high traffic conference room, classrooms and anywhere else a whiteboard will be used daily.

Step 5. Aside from the basic surface material differences, there are still a few things to take into consideration when purchasing a whiteboard. Size, wall mounted or free standing (with wheels) whiteboards, magnetic whiteboards, graphic whiteboards, combination style whiteboards which include half whiteboard and half corkboard, whiteboard cabinets which are whiteboard on the outside and storage on the inside, whiteboard and projector screen combo which is half whiteboard and half projection screen as well as interactive whiteboards or IWB which is an interactive whiteboard that is used in conjunction with a computer and projector. Main uses of an interactive whiteboard are for: operating software in the computer, using the interactive pen to write on the whiteboard and ability to record the writing, etc.

Step 6. We hope that this whiteboard buying guide has cleared up any questions that you may have had.

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